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Welcome to ObstinateK9, your go-to traveling dog trainer! We offer in-person dog training in the comfort of your own living area. Our goal is to not only train your dog, but also to teach you the skills necessary to become your dog's own personal trainer.


A little bit about ObstinateK9

At ObstinateK9, we believe that training just the dog is not enough. The owner should and will be involved in the training process. The goal is to teach owners how they can become their dogs trainer. We will go to you for all training lessons. Your dog will learn in the context of where they live. We tailor the training to your specific needs. 


Our services

Owner involved dog training

Our in-person dog training sessions are designed to take place in the comfort of your own home and local environment. We work with you and your dog. We account your dog's unique personality, behaviors, and needs. Our training is for dogs at any stage of life. from basic foundation, behavior modification and off leash training.

Call and lets talk about your training needs

Owner involved Behavior modification

If your dog is exhibiting problematic behaviors such as aggression, separation anxiety, or excessive barking, our behavior modification services can help. We work with you and your dog and addresses the root cause of the behavior and helps to create a more stable dog. All training is done in your home and enviroment.

Call and lets talk about your training needs

Detection Dog diagnostics

Having issues with your detection dog? Want to better understand how to correct issues with false alerting, cuing,  generalization, variable reward and other issues. We help teach handlers and trainers understand how they can better their training practices to make a more calibrated detection dog. From working dogs to sport detection we can help

Call and lets talk about your training needs


Get in touch with ObstinateK9

Call us at 720-202-7132 or email us at to discuss training expectations and schedule a free in-person consultation 

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